Why I Enjoy Music

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Wispy melodies float above harmonious chords. Notes crash into hectic frenzies. And cantering rhythms demolish everything in their path.

That is the magic of music.

I love music. I love the way it can be anything it wants, washing over my senses like waves on a beach, or making the hair on my neck stand straight up. It simply is emotion, feeling, enchantment, and style.

Music is naturally pleasing to people. Tone, sound, notes, and rhythm were all created by humans who wanted to hear something special, something beautiful. So the modern human race is left with the legacy of a millennium, music. Today people are creating more and more ways to weave and create music that they love. Take the last few decades, for example. Music sensations are not picking up instruments and jazzing their way to fame. Instead, they sing their hearts out to the beat of drums and strum of guitars. So perhaphs I am a bit outdated, still fiddling away, but that is insignificant, because my music is beautiful to my ears.

Also, music is (surprisingly) extremely useful. What else do we use our ears for other than listening to people talk and listening to music? One very important role of music is to enrich movies. Have you ever tried watching a movie with subtitles on and muted? Even an Oscar winning movie like Life of Pi would be completely dull and boring. Music brings magic to the movies. In fact, the Disney animated film Fantasia is about how magical music can be. After all, music comes on in any movie during moments of glory, flashbacks, dangerous scenes, foreshadowing, and in almost every sad scene. Music is an essential part of everything.

I will always love music! It is a pleasure made for the human race. It is wonderful. It is magical. It is amazing.


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