About Me

I am a 7th grader at West Ridge Middle School that loves to read, draw, giggle, smile, and play the violin. I have one younger brother and no pets. A few years ago, my family moved here from AISD. Since then, I have made lots of awesome friends and I don’t regret moving!

Another interesting fact about me is that my family is Chinese, or Shanghainese, to be more specific. I am often bombarded with demands from my Chinese-speaking grandmother: “You children need to speak more Chinese with your parents!” and “Eat more food!”. In addition to learning Chinese, I also understand Shanghainese (the local dialect of Shanghai), am learning Latin, and have spent three useless years (I forgot most of what I learned) on Spanish in my old school.

Another long-term focus for me was violin. Starting from the age of 4, I fiddled my way up. For me, playing violin is as natural as breathing. One thing I love about it is how soothing and peaceful music can be. Music can also be violent, depressing, and sad. It all depends on how the musician wants to play the music. 

Well, I suppose that’s enough about me! I hope you enjoy my blog!


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